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Mauro Minnella
All is missing. Be cool please, and relax in the meanwhile I will prepare all the stuff.

Next You will find documents about many argoments I hope will be useful  for meditation and action:

Aurea mediocritas? * The Kopernican revolution about the human sciences (in Italian)

Night Thoughts        *  (useful also during the day)

Ecology and energy saving   * thinks to be kown by everyday people and ecologists too

China pages    *good to know better a country wich all people talk but don't know anythink about: facts, history culture and economy

Be vega  how to live better

Radio  software for EiBi database

God of the Armies  Be damned  who kills in the God's name

Energy at half cost  (and less pollution)

 *  still in italian language

Daily comment

Rom= nomadic people original from India, called also gypsy, tzigan etc, which in the eleventh century moved at first to easter Europe (among the other countries Boheme, Czech Republic, and from then called also bohemiens)  to arrive at the end to western europe, for instance to Andalucia,  Spain, and from there also as far as to America.
What relation exists between them and Roumenians, neolatin people?
Why our political class doesn't know this simple information?
Mr. Alemanno, Mayor of Rome, also to be mayor is necessary a minimum of  learning, at least to avoid that when a roumanian  do some crime someone start to kill some gypsies that are  completely innocent.
By the way, speaking about confusion, mr. Napolitano, president of the italian republic, I beg you don't think that  Israelians and Hebrew the same, on the contrary are quite different,  and during the celebration of shoah ,  please, do remember the undreds of thousands of Rom, just the ones we have spoken of, gassed exactly as the Hebrew and also all the others: ill people, handicapped, moravian, russian etc.   

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Interesting related sites (in italian):
Se la patria chiama...,  War-resistant newspaper about 1971-73
Umberto Minnella, a painter from Bologna
Radio Alice ,  a famous free radio in the years 1976-78

I apologize for my english, I'm not a professional translator

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